When playing back music in Musescore, the sign "rit." is ignored. any solutions?

• Aug 23, 2022 - 02:02

I often played back a paragraph of music when finished in Musescore. I found that the sound was authentic in imitating a musical instrument. But it still sounded like a machine because it ignored those expressive signs such as "rit.". Is there a way to make it slow down when we need it?

The same problem with "cresc.", "dim.", "<", and ">".



Crescendo and diminuendos should play back fine, assuming you've given the musicians reading the music - and MuseScore - information about how loud or soft you want them to get. If you prefer to leave that information out, you can still get the playback effect using the Inspector, see the velocity change setting. If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score.

MuseScore 3 doesn't directly support gradual tempo changes, but there is an excellent Tempo Changes plugin you can installed (see Download / Plugins in menu above on this site) that automates the process of adding a series of invisible changes to achieve the same result. MsueScore 4 will support these gradual changes directly.

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Thank you, Marc. When MuseScore 4 will be released? Look forward to it. I will try out the method you suggested.

I also find an obvious problem with piano scores. Usually, a pianist knows that his left hand should be controlled to contain the loudness of the low part since the melody is played by the right hand. But Musescore often played the low part too loudly. I don't know how to control it.

Is there a way to contain the left hand of the piano scores? Maybe for a piano, the mixer (F10) should have separate controls for the right and left hands?


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There is no definitive date for MuseScore 4, but as you may have already seen, there is an alpha pre-release available for testing (see the Announcements forum), so the more people who help out by downloading and testing it and reporting feedback, the better.

The problem with simply making the bottom staff quieter is that the melody isn't always in the top staff, and it's usually not all of the notes in the RH - if there are chords or multiple voices, a pianist needs to figure out which notes to bring out. To do this in MuseScore, select the notes you wish to bring out and increase their velocity in the Inspector.

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