• Aug 23, 2022 - 01:47

I just listened to an old brazilian music record of mine, and really enjoyed listening to a melodica in it.
What a sweet instrument !
After a lttle search, i found one in sf2 that isn't perfect (to my ears, it loses quality in the higher notes), but sounds quite ok.…

Ziya, after the wonderful flugelhorn you made, it would be great if you could use your magic again to make this melodica sound as beautiful !
Thank you.


Whether these samples are processed or used as they are, not much will change in the end.
So I made an improvement on the basis of loop correction and patch variation.

By the way: I'm starting to suspect that you are creating your own soundlibrary for free :)

Soundfont removed

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What a disappointing comment. I am not creating any more "free own sound library" than any of the hundreds of sf2 instruments users who consult this forum, and freely download, collect, and use these instruments, that's the principle !
But it's ok, you are now freed from my solicitations.

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I'm sorry if you were so offended by a small joke. Looks like the smile at the end didn't work either.
Frankly, your comment made me sad.

These are boutique works, not things offered in a free download area for hundreds of people. The only purpose is to know that you are making music with this soundfont and that it works. That's all. // And of course, I would like to see "Look, I made music with this, listen to the result". But this is not a requirement of course.

Also, You are welcome.

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Bedjka, you are doing wrong. it was only a joke.
we all are after free soundfonts, because we know the commercial ones are not better, only more expensive. we work together, one has a nose for samples, the other the skills to map them into a soundfont.
apologise for your hard words.
regards bottrop

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