Can I use customizable Doe Ray Me Fa So La Ti for Note Names?

• Aug 22, 2022 - 00:38

I found out the hard way that it can done using Note Names Plugin,

and it adds C D E F G A B to the notes, and we need to change the app's language to Italian, French, or Espanol, and it will be added as Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si

First of all, there is some risk I do the wrong things choosing an action in another language, or won't be able to come back to English if I do that...

Second, isn't it true that even if a person is using English, they should be able to use Do Re Mi if they want to annotate the scores for a kid?

Is it possible to create an English (Custom), and then be able to edit the Note Names? Such as even 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (for some song singers or I am not sure about harmonica players, do they use 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 perhaps in some country. (I will ask my dad because he plays the harmonica sometimes but then he said he can't read the Staff)

Or another way is, if we use English (US), we can temporarily change to English (UK) and customize the Note Names, or vice verse (if we use English (UK), temporarily change to English (US)).

Is it possible to just change the 7 names? Supposedly all we need to do is to type in 7 different names and it'd be done in a minute.


Did you also see you can put the notenames directly in the noteheads with no plugin needed, and you can choose the solfege names without needing to change languages? Just select the notes you want to affect, press the Notes button in the Inspector to make sure that literally only notes are selected, then use the head scheme setting to select the desired naming. That combined with making the staff larger in Format / Page Settings is how one might normally created kid-friendly music.

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oh I think I got what you mean... you can
1. CMD-A or Ctrl-A to select all notes, and then right click on any note in the staff, and then
2. Choose Staff / Part Properties
3. Click the button Advanced Style Properties
4. There is a drop down box that let us choose "Solfege Movable Do"... essentially

And the results will be in the screenshot. I think the text is a bit hard to read if it is original 100% size, but if for initial practice, it'd be good... like I mentioned, the d r m d s label works a little bit better for me now

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"Solfège Movable Do (also called Tonic Solfa)" seems interesting to use... it takes a bit of focus into the note and then to catch several of them at the same time needs a bit of stop and focus, stop and focus.... actually for my case since I am like a beginner, so the d r m d s, or Doe Ray Me Doe So works somewhat better for me.

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