Header flexibility?

• Aug 20, 2022 - 21:01

I'm compiling a score made up of 50 different cues for submission, and obviously I have one file for each of these 50 individual pieces. This is posing a slight problem insofar as I need both courtesy headers (for instance "1. Overture" in small text on later pages for ease of navigation) and page numbers on the top (which can only be done through the headers panel). I need page numbers on EVERY page, but I do NOT want courtesy headers on the first page of each cue. The headers panel is not flexible enough to allow this and only allows for headers to be turned on or off completely for the first page—I can't even hide any of the specific courtesy headers with the inspector because it claims "nothing selected."

Is this just a limitation of Musescore or is there any way to do what I need?


It's true it's not a super flexible system, but it's possible you might be able to get done what you need here with a little creativity. Both "part name" and "copyright" allow you to now show them on the first page by using the appropriate tag. So, just use whichever of these you don't otherwise need.

If that doesn't work for you, maybe post an example so we can see more specifically what you are dealing with, and then we may be able to find another solution. Like, another hack would be, paste an opaque white graphic over it. You'd possibly need to disable autoplace, and also increase the stacking order, to get it to cover the header info.

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