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• Aug 20, 2022 - 16:42

In working with score using status bar to isolate specific pieces, the status bar presentation is not adjustable within Musescore, and its text is too small. If I go into my operating system I can adjust the overall screen presentation to much larger text fonts, but then I have to use Musescore to reduce the size of the score to 50-75% in order to see the score .
My suggestion would be to make the status bar adjustable so that it can be minimized at any location on the screen, much the way that the piano keyboard can be moved around and shrunk to a working size.
I posted this in Mastering Musescore along with screen shots, but I was unable to get the screen shots into this forum.


It is not clear to me what you are trying to do. Can you explain in more detail what you mean by "isolate specific pieces" and how the status bar helps with that. I suspect there may be an easier way to achieve what you want.

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Hi Steve,
1.) I figured out how to increase the text size of the status bar using MuseScore.
2.) I was attempting to see why there were so many beats in a measure, or, trying to understand where the missing notes were. Turns out it was because I had incorrectly used Crtrl-Del to remove some notes and rests in a few measures. NOW I know that is a no-no, and should not have that problem again.
FWIW, the fix also increased the size of all the text presentations in MuseScore (but not any of the text within a score. That is done with other means, as you know. It remains a background desire to have control over that status bar for re-shaping it and moving it to wherever it would be more helpful.
Thanks for reaching out to me, and I apologize for not seeing this email sooner.

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