How to reformat score to alleviate "one measure on one page"?

• Aug 19, 2022 - 17:21

I've scanned documentation and message forum posts, but nothing seems to help me reformat this score en masse.

Pages 2-5 seem to settle on 3 measures/page. Page 6 (measure 14) - single measure.
Pages 7-8, 3 measures/page. Page 9 (measure 21) - single measure. And so on, seems

Currently there are 34 pages in this score. I'm hoping to reduce page count overall to save paper.

There is a CAVEAT about this particular piece. Performer choreography will be detailed in paragraphs of text below the 5 stave system. So I need space below the single system on each page for such.

Still, many of my submissions to the MS website have "pages with single measures", which I just left as is. Going forward, I hope to master this issue before submitting for distribution.



To reduce overall page count in general, you either need bigger paper, smaller staves, or tighter measure spacing. That's just physics. So, you'll have to decide which of these you want to play with. Page and staff size are in Format / Page Settings; measure spacing settings in Format / Style / Measure.

But, there's nothing "random" about what's currently going on with page 6 or 9 in your score. You've got page breaks there, so of course MuseScore is only allowing those single measures.

BTW, since you intend to add explanatory text, better to add the frames for that first, then add the page breaks - the frame, not to the music above.

You have a page break on measure 15 and measure 16. Therefore you have told MuseScore to put measure 16 on a page by itself, and that is what it is doing. I suggest you remove all page breaks and then in page settings, increase the bottom margin to something large until you get 1 system per page, 45 mm seems to work. This results in a total page count of 26.

You may be able to reduce that number further by reducing the left and right margins and if you can work with everything being smaller, reduce the staff space scaling in page settings. If I reduce the scaling to 1.5 mm rather than the 1.8 mm you currently have and then again increase the bottom margin to 85 mm, the page count goes down to 21.

How do you intend to add the text?

Marc: I manually removed all the page-breaks (non-printing icon, top-right each page) and watched as one-measure-one-page disappeared. Ok, I'm happy with that. Thanks.

Steve: I'll probably come back to your comments as I add paragraphs of choreography below each system (likely one-per-page).

In a 2nd of such score I'm migrating from MM Finale, I tried prepping for the text paragraphs, doing 1) select lowest stave, furthest-right measure, 2) Add -> Frames -> Insert Vertical Frame, 3) pulling down the frame bottom as low as possible. While doing this, I noticed the measures-per-page changed to 2- or 3-measure systems, which I can live with.

I suspect when text starts getting inserted into the frames, I'll right-click into the frame box, choose 'Text', type-in a paragraph, then position and size the text as needed.

Attached is a score-in-progress test. I tried the above described and it looks very promising. Thanks to both you guys.

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