Help needed with Musescore3 in a school!!!

• Aug 18, 2022 - 20:23

Hi, I would really appreciate if anybody out there could help me with this. I am a secondary school teacher in Ireland and am really struggling with Musescore3 in our school computer room.

So the issue in our internal school network system seems incapable of supporting Musescore3 for the last 2 years - which is a nightmare as I’ve been using it ok for years and years prior to that. It used to work fine and then the last few years it just keeps crashing (on school networked desktops). Our IT support guy says it’s the software but I think it’s a network IT issue! We have been going round and round in circles trying to get it to work but no joy. We have installed the latest updates etc. and the desktops that we have in our computer room are reasonably new and should be able to support this software.

So - I have 2 questions. Is it possible to get Musescore to work on Chromebooks? We have lots of Chromebooks in the school and if it could work on that I would be delighted.
I also read somewhere that it could work on a USB stick and you just put that into the desktop and it works off the USB as opposed to working directly off the school network.
Any other ideas of how this issue might be resolved would be so gratefully received!
Many thanks,


Definitely MsueScore can run on Chromebooks - if your IT folks will allow enabling of Linux apps, which many school IT departments don't. Although the Handbook has some basic barebones info on running MuseScore on Chromebook, it's not very complete, so instead I recommend you check out my article here and the script I provide to automate the extra steps required to make this integrate well:…

That said, you say MuseScore is crashing, that's definitely not good, and almost indicates an issue within MuseScore but is probably one we can help you resolve - like, it might be a corrupted score being loaded, or a corrupted configuration file or some kind, etc. So feel free to describe the crash in more detail.

Running from a USB drive is definitely possible as well, see the links posted above. But if it's crashing when running from the the network, it's also pretty likely to crash running any other way, if the problem is something like a corrupt score.

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