The simplest often defeats!

• Aug 17, 2022 - 12:39

In Musescore 4 in the instruments dialog, how do you enter in to a score just - a Treble Clef, or a Bass Clef, without instrument. In Musescore 3.6, it was so simple!


Basically the same as in MuseScore 3: New Score > Templates > General > Treble/Bass Clef
That isn't exactly without instrument though, but uses a Piano, same as in MuseScore 3.

Right, to be clear: in MuseScore 3, this was an instrument - a piano. All music in MuseScore always has an instrument. These templates were just specially modified versions of the normal piano, with one staff removed, so only a treble or bass clef remained. They can be useful for things like lead sheets, if you don't want to use the "jazz" versions.

So access these and all other templates in MuseScore 4, be sure to watch the tutorial video I made on setting up your score. You'll see that on the first screen of the instruments window, the two top choices are Choose instruments and Create from template. The default the very first time you start MuseScore is choose instruments, because the feedback we have received is that most people seem to prefer choosing instruments themselves over using templates. But if you change to Create from template (use right arrow then space to select), MuseScore remembers this for next time.

Then when you hit tab you'll see the list of templates. Just as with choosing instruments, there are two columns. First for the caterogyr - you'll want General - then tab over to the second column to choose the specific template within the category. Then you can tab over to the cancel/next/done buttons.

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