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• Aug 17, 2022 - 03:01

Hi, I am wondering whether a slightly different implementation for pedal markings has been considered:
I'd like to see a 'change pedal' marking that is one symbol, which applies to a single note (as opposed to the way it's possible to do now, with two lines that adjoin underneath the note). It would be a lot easier in situations like the one I've attached to do a single symbol than two lines, and would save a lot of trouble dealing with finnicky line behaviour.

Has this been proposed, and/or is there a reason it wouldn't work? like with playback issues, for example? If so, is there any way I can work around it by making my own such symbol...?

(to be clear, I am proposing this in addition to the normal pedal implementation, not as a replacement)

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You obviously know the workaround, using two pedal lines and hiding their Begin and End hook respectively. I include it in the example score for others to see.

In the Master palette there is a Half-pedal symbol <sym>keyboardPedalHalf</sym>, but I don't think it's possible to achieve playback with that symbol.
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Another workaround would be to create a line with a suitable thickness and set its colour to white (or whatever score background colour you are using) and set its stacking order to something greater than that of the pedal line which is 6000 (say 6100). If automatic placement is turned off for the line it can be placed over the centre of the pedal line to hide it. After adding it to the score once, the line can be added to a pallet for re-use.

The advantages of this workaround is that the pedal markings will align within systems as normal and the length of the "hiding line" can be adjusted to cover different lengths of pedal line.

One disadvantage: if the underlying pedal line moves so that it is no longer covered by the "hiding" line, that hiding line will be tricky to find. A mitigation of that would be to use a non-white colour initially and then change it to white once the positions are finalised - select all similar and change the colour in the inspector.



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