More microtuning support

• Aug 17, 2022 - 00:33

I hope MuseScore 4 will add the functionality of automatic, global microtuning. A basic implementation is to allow the user to set the fifth size in cents, or set the number of equal division of the octave so that it can compute the fifth size in cents. It should also compute the values of sharps and flats and apply the tuning.

Another important missing feature is to create new accidentals by combining existing ones. Some of the accidentals in the palette are meant to be combined. It'll be great if it allows the user to set the value of each accidental and then automatically, globally tunes it.


It might also be worth looking at the latest SMuFL draft specification (1.5) on this web page:

In particular, look at the different systems of Accidental from section 4.18 onwards. If the combined symbols which you need are shown in this SMuFL spec, eventually you will have access to them in MuseScore's Master palette. That's because the MuseScore developers always follow the SMuFL spec for musical symbols.

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The Helmholtz-Ellis Just Intonation accidentals, for example, are meant to be used in a modular way, tho it has some precombined glyphs in Smufl. If multiple accidentals on a note isn't feasible, I suppose the way to go is to allow creation of custom accidentals using existing elements like how custom key signature is implemented.

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Honestly I've been trying to use HEJI for a while now and the best way to go about multiple accidentals is to use "Symbols" from the Master Palette. It works, but it's really annoying and you have to manually space everything.
I'd take a lot of inspiration from Dorico on this.

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