Harmony and Chord Progession Course

• Aug 16, 2022 - 13:16

Hi: Regarding the Harmony and Chord Progession course, it is listed at $135, but all of your other courses are listed for $35. Is this a mistake? Please see https://school.masteringmusescore.com/p/harmony at the bottom.


Hello! I think you are referring to my courses from my Mastering MuseScore site, not anything offered on this site (musescore.org). Anyhow, that price is indeed correct - it's much more in-depth and advanced than the less expensive basic theory course. Similarly for the counterpoint course, which is more advanced still.

For further questions about my courses, best to ask on my online community - see https://community.masteringmusescore.com and create a free account there if you haven't already.

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