Can't create a new score

• Aug 15, 2022 - 15:26
Reported version
S1 - Blocker
needs info

1.Open musescore app
2.Click on the "create a new score" on the top right
3.Type in the title and composer
4.Click on "choose instruments"
5.Double click on "drumset" in the "percussion-unpitched" section
6.Click on "Open" on the "key signature" page
7.Click on "finished" on the next page
8.The drum score doesn't show up
(Any score i tried to create by clicking "choose instruments" had failed to be successfully created, and there were no error message popping up )


Frequency Many Once

(you're all but one)
I can't reproduce, using the very same steps, it just works for me, MuseScore 3.6.2, Windows 10

So indeed reverting to factory settings might help here

The screenshot shows the score is there - it has a tab on the tab bar, and the status bar and Inspector show a rest is selected. My guess is that your settings are messed up in a way that is causing the default page size to be zero. That's been known to happen although I'm not sure if a reason has been found. Be sure you don't have a custom style file set in Edit / Preferences / Score - or if you do, be sure it's valid (check it out with a text editor, be sure all the page size and margin fields make sense. Revert to Factory Settings would clear that out so that might help indeed. Otherwise, it's probably an issue with your default printer not reporting its own default paper size correctly. In which case, you'll need to change your default printer and restart MuseScore, or else use Format / Page Settings to fix the page size on this score, then Format / Save Style to create a custom style file that you can then make the default in Edit / Preferences / Score.

And yes, in the future, better to use the Support forum when asking for help.