An undo bug, and how then to crash MuseScore reliably ;-)

• Aug 15, 2022 - 10:43

This is not an important bug, and not an important crash. I just want to record it.
I have attached a gif that shows the sequence with enormous speed - here are the steps:

  1. Open a fresh Musescore 3.6.2.
  2. Esc to close Startcenter.
  3. N for input mode.
  4. C, B, A, G to add four notes.
  5. Esc to leave input mode.
  6. Now select the four notes as a list (not a range) by Ctrl-clicking on them out of order (e.g. B, C, A, G, G again to reselect it).
  7. Go to the "lines" palette and click on slur. You will get four individual slurs, from C to B, B to A, A to G, and G to the next full rest.
  8. Now, press Ctrl-Z. Only one slur vanishes (this is the bug).
  9. Press Ctrl-Z four more times. The notes vanish one by one, but 3 slurs remain hanging around.
  10. Esc (for some reason, we are in input mode again - we need to leave it).
  11. Grab the leftmost slur with the mouse and pull it around -> Crash.


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CrashMusescore.gif 1.51 MB


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