Feature request for MU4:

• Aug 15, 2022 - 03:48
  1. PDF Viewer
    MU3 can display two files in the same window at the same time, I hope MU4 can view PDF files in the same way. When inputting notes again, unless you have two computers, you have to run around in different windows, although this is not impossible, but I think.... this is very slow.
    I know that MU4's sound engine needs to work in different windows, and I don't know if there is a way to do it.

  2. Text editing mode
    Just like in leland's explanatory video, Score can be used to create music scores at a very fast speed. I also use this kind of software (Lilypond), and the efficiency is really good. I hope MU4 (or later versions) can have a similar editing mode, because I like leland very much, unfortunately lilypond can't import this font.
    I know it's going to be tough, but hopefully the Musescore team can do it.

  3. Freely import music fonts from Smufl or other software.
    Mu4 already has a lot of music fonts, but many fonts can't be used. Although there are some codes on Git, I can't operate them.
    As for legal and copyright issues, I have come up with some methods: Other fonts can only be displayed on my own computer, and only default fonts can be used when uploading to the cloud.


Added value of 1 is unclear for me.
How is that really better than just having musescore on half (or any portion) of your screen and your pdf reader on the other part?

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Depending on your OS and your experience level with it, it could be hard to get this set up really well, plus you normally end up losing some space to title bars etc. But, I wonder if a plugin could easily create a window with no decoration that would be sized appropriately by default?

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Could be the issue is just knowing how to get it - you'd need to grab it directly from the GitHub repository.

As for text entry in MuseScore - of course, everything is already possible by keyboard, so in a way, you could consider this to already be there. But what would be needed is a nice editor to allow you to edit the keystroke sequences offline. In principle that too seems doable via a plugin.

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There are 9 kinds of otf needed to work in lilypond, they are:
font name-11 -13 -14 -16 -18 -20 -23 -26-brace
Also, many svg and woff files are required
I also only see on the Github download page
Leland text.otf
Therefore cannot be used.

Github has code to make lilypond compatible with this musical font, but I don't work with Git.

dcunn48 • Aug 20, 2022 - 16:42

In working with a score using status bar to isolate specific pieces, the status bar presentation is not adjustable within Musescore, and its text is too small. If I go into my operating system I can adjust the overall screen presentation to much larger text fonts, but then I have to use Musescore to reduce the size of the score to 50-75% in order to see the score .
My suggestion would be to make the status bar adjustable so that it can be minimized at any location on the screen, much the way that the piano keyboard can be moved around and shrunk to a working size.
I posted this in Mastering Musescore along with screen shots, but I was unable to get the screen shots into this forum.

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