Accessing arpeggios

• Aug 14, 2022 - 14:59

I’ve been trying to make a plugin which needs to detect when a chord has an arpeggio attached.
The issue I’m facing is I cannot seem to find the location arpeggios are stored in the tree structure.
I’ve created an extremely simple test file with one measure containing two whole notes with an arpeggio.
In the documentation I was able to spot the arpeggio elementType, however neither the note elements, segment annotations nor measure elements contain this element.
Am I simply looking in the wrong place?


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And how would I go about that, since AFAIK the cursor class is used to access either segments, measures or elements. The parent of the element, which is a Chord ElementType would be the segment, which is a ChordRest SegmentType, and its parent would be the measure. All three of these I've already checked for the element. Could you please elaborate on your answer to make it more clear what you are referring to?

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Not sure, if it ispossible to check, wheter element "chord" contains element "arpeggio"
But you can search whole score for all arpeggios and add their parents (chord) to create your chords-with-arpegio list and than check if some chord is part of your list, to know, if it has arpeggio.

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