Any good Flugelhorn ?

• Aug 14, 2022 - 04:15

I love this instrument, but as a soundfont, it seems there is only this "JL Flugelhorn" available (but i would love to be proven wrong!)…

It sounds good in the lower and middle register, but loses quality in the higher notes, i doubt this can be changed.
But most of all it is a kind of "anemic" in the attack, the "response" when you hit the key is, to my taste, much too slow.
Is there a way to give it some (a lot of!) punch ?

(Bottrop/John/Ziya), if it is possible to fix this, and if you have some time for it... Thanks!
@ziya, i think it would great to have a version of it with this "vibrant" patch of yours that you put on your modified Eric Fontaine tenor saxophone a few weeks ago.


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