Musescore 4 - File operation icons done away with? (and Muse Sounds query)

• Aug 13, 2022 - 19:21

I've been looking at the Alpha 2 version of MuseScore 4 and I like what I'm seeing very much. It all looks more streamlined and logical than version 3.6, and I'm sure that once people have got used to the changes they will find them a useful improvement as regards ease of use. I'm even beginning to like the dark theme, something I'm not usually a fan of.

But one thing has annoyed me. We no longer seem to have a toolbar with icons for File operations - New Score, Load Score, Save Score, Print Score. These functions can still be got at from the File menu, and via keyboard shortcuts, of course, but I have always preferred to use the icons for these functions and I for one will miss this toolbar if it has been removed permanently. Or is it going to reappear before the release version of 4.0?

Also, I recently saw in a message here that the much anticipated Muse Sounds library is now being referred to as an "Orchestral Library". Does this mean that it only contains standard orchestral instruments? This would be a disappointment for me too, as I was expecting it to maintain the General MIDI compatibility that previous versions of MuseScore have adopted. (Specifically, in my case, I was hoping for some improved Jazz and Big Band sounds - saxophones mainly.) Does anyone have any information about what instruments Muse Sounds will include?

Anyway, congratulations to everyone who is working on the new version, I can't wait for it to be finished.


New and Open are under Home tab.
Print is under Publish tab.

I think, file operations toolbar was removed by design (but not sure).

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