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• Aug 13, 2022 - 16:11

In the attached screenshot
I want the Soprano part to be displayed as 5Flats not 7 Sharps
advise would be appreciated

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Eb Cornet (top staff) = "Soprano" cornet in British brass band terminology, often shortened to Soprano or Sop.

To answer the question. Right click on the stave and in staff properties change "Prefer sharps of flats for key signatures" to "Flats".

I would have provided a link to the Handbook page for staff properties, but that seems to be out of date and doesn't show the flats/sharps option.

Instead, here is a screen grab from my PC.


[Edit] Just realised, that option only exists for transposing instruments but is still not mentioned in the staff properties article and not shown in the picture of the dialogue.

at bar 145 the Eb soprano is the top stave.showing 7 sharps
The solo cornet is in 6 sharps

I want the soprano to be in 5 Flats

Dose this help?

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