Staff type change offset / dynamics

• Aug 13, 2022 - 11:42

When I change the staff type, say from 5 lines to 1, but I would like that the line continues from the third line of the previous 5 line staff, instead of the fifth line (current behaviour ), I change the offset to 2.0 sp. This affects the dynamics, and if automatic placement is switched on, I can't move the dynamics closer to the staff.
Is there any way to have the staff type change as I want it, without affecting the placement of the dynamics, without having to switch automatic placement off?

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Probably no way to make the default alignment all consistent in cases like this, but in general, you don't have to disable automatic placement to move dynamics. At least, not for any reasons directly related to the staff type. In cases like this, with hairpins and dynamics together, MuseScore tries to align them with each other, so certain types of adjustment where you deliberately them to not align might require disabling autoplace. But it does seems there is a bug where in with this particular arrangement ot staff type changes, somehow the alignment algorithm is messing up big time and pushing the dynamic too low. So in that sense, the staff type is causing a problem, apparently.

The "easy" workaround here is to leave autoplace on but disable the alignment only. The trick to that is, click "allow diagonal" on one of the hairpins.

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