restoring palettes

• Aug 12, 2022 - 15:56

My palette has disappeared and I can't get either the basic or advanced palette to reappear. I go to view, click on the box next to either but nothing happens. I also tried the F9 option.


Hmm, let's make sure you're clicking the right thing. There is only a single box marked "Palettes" in the View menu, not separate boxes for basic & advanced. If you're seeing those, you're looking in the Workspaces submenu, but that not the right place. Look further up within the View menu itself, and be sure you are checking the box marked "Palettes" (also, not the box marked "Master Palette", which is something different and not normally needed).

Regarding F9, that should do the same thing, but it's also possible your computer requires you to press Fn while pressing a function key in order for it to work.

If none of that helps, then the most likely answer is, you have undocked your palette and then moved it completely offscreen somehow. This can happen, for instance, if you're using a smaller monitor now than when you last used the undocked palette - the location at which the palette was located may no longer exist.

In such cases, the most complete fix is Help / Revert To Factory Settings. But if you have other settings you don't want to lose - like customizations to your workspace or keyboard shortcuts - you can download, install, and run the "Reset Dialog Positions" plugin (see Download / Plugins in menu above on this page).

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