how to end segno help

• Aug 11, 2022 - 13:24

In the following hymn (see attached) in the last measure is a "segno" which takes you back to the first measure "segno". In the third stanza of measures (measure 20) is "END." How would I do this, with a volta?

I want to make an mp3 recording and I want to play through the piece to the segno, go back to the beginning and then when I reach the "END" I want the recording to stop.


DC al Fine is probably better. (Da Capo al Fine - from the top to the End marking).

Remove the segno from Bar 1, replace the segno at the end with DC al Fine, replace End with Fine (all from the Repeats and Jumps palette).

There are several ways to do that but normally not with a volta.
In your copied page, the segno at the end has in Musescore to be a "D.S. al Fine" and in measure 20 you need to have a 'Fine' - all from the Repeats & Jumps palette.

The other way is:
- No Segno sign at the beginning.
- D.C. al fine at the last measure
- Fine at measure 20.

Find both variants in the attachment.

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