Rests not being replaced when notes entered?

• Aug 10, 2022 - 21:07

Relatively new to musescore, using the barbershop quartet choral template. No issues with treble clef, but when notes are entered in Voices 3 and 4, the rests that should be replaced remain in the measure, right on top of the entered notes. They can be moved elsewhere, but not deleted. can anyone help?


You are probably making the common mistake of using voices 3 and 4 incorrectly. The term "voice" relates to rhythmically independent lines of notation, only incidentally related to singing voices. This is not just a MuseScore terminology but is used throughout music, including non-vocal music, where two or more "tunes" are notated on the same staff. It is very rare to have more than two voices on a single stave, but voices 3 and 4 are provided for situations like very dense counterpoint.

The barbershop quartet template has two staves. You should use only voice 1 and voice 2 on both staves. Voices 3 and 4 would be used only in the very rare circumstance when you have 3 or 4 independent voices on the same stave.

See this article in the handbook which describes how and when voices should be used in MuseScore.

If you need more help, please attach your score here so that a more detailed explanation of how to use voices in your specific case can be provided.

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