Clef change affects multi-measures rests in other parts (latest version on MacOS)

• Aug 9, 2022 - 18:42

I have an orchestral score in which cellos have a change clef and other instruments don't play. When preparing the parts I see that other instrument have a division of multimeasure rests (2 then 4) instead of one continues.
The clef change doesn't apply for other instruments so they should have the entire duration in one multimeasure rest. I was it on the timeline.
Is there a way around it?
I saw that sometimes Musescore adds clefs to all the instruments when I change clef in one instrument.

In any case if not, I hope it's fixed for Musescore 4.


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So I fixed the issue on my score by deleting false time signatures from the timeline, when I changed the clef it added a time signature which splitted the multimeasure rests.
I'm attaching a version of my score: Check measure 127, if you look at the Flute part for example you'll see a split multimeasure rest.
I'm also attaching a test which shows a similar situation in the general score (splits mm rests in a different instrument) but here it doesn't affect the parts nor adds key signature to the timeline.
I did notice that in some cases when reopening my file the software would add clefs to all the instrument at the point of a change of clef to one instrument, unfortunately I didn't save that file... but it seems like a bug.

In any case I was not able to reproduce the problem for the moment.

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Detour - score backup.mscz 109 KB

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