Multiple Outputs

• Aug 9, 2022 - 08:20

I have some music for a wind quartet, and I think it would be really helpful if each player could listen to their own part simultaneously through earbuds/headphones. Is it possible to get multiple outputs? would I need to purchase external equipment?


More usefull IMHO; in Mixer increase the volume of your instrument and decrease the volume of all others, so you clearly hear your's but stlll get the harmonic context

MuseScore can only produce a single audio output stream at a time.
If you create and export each part separately, then by using a DAW you might be able to stream/send those tracks to different outputs (usually by assigning them to different monitor channels. Whether or not you then have the hardware to actually be able to listen to those virtual outputs is (almost) a separate matter.

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I experimented with this idea once using JACK to send the playback output to Ardour in real time, as opposed to exporting parts. I think I successfully set everything up in a way that would allow this, if I had had the multi-channel audio hardware to support it. So, while I wasn't able to test it, I am pretty sure it's possible.

For some reason I there is no sound through my headphones using it wireless, only throught hr speakers in the computer.
Any advice on how to listen with bluetooth devices?
Thank you!

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