Bug - incorrect tuplet created when navigating away from one tuplet by the arrow keys

• Aug 9, 2022 - 07:47

Select a whole bar rest.
Press 5 to end up with two quarter note rests and a half note rest (in a 4/4 bar).
Select the first quarter note rest.
Press ctrl-3 to create a triplet (also occurs with other tuplets).
Press right arrow to move to the next quarter note rest.
Pressing ctrl-3 should create another triplet that lasts for a quarter note, but instead creates a triplet that lasts for an eighth note, followed by an eighth note rest.

Happens in every circumstance I've tried it while working on different scores.


Not really a bug, more an idiosyncrasy if tuplet entry. You need to re-select the desired total duration of a tuplet time and time again as after a tuplet has been created the selected duration changes to that of a single tuplet note/rest, to ease note input

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Ah okay, so navigating onto a note using the arrow keys is intentionally different to navigating onto a note by clicking on it, where the note duration in the menu is set to the duration of whatever note you just clicked on?

If that behaviour is intentional and accepted then agree, not a bug.


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I actually think it is a bug as, outside of tuplet creation, moving with the arrow keys DOES set the note duration in the menu to that of the note you land on. So in the example above I think after moving onto the following quarter note rest the menu duration should become a quarter note, regardless of what tuplet you just created.

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