Can I yet upload a video clip without sound to my score on, so the video plays on top?

• Aug 9, 2022 - 00:05

Hi. I don't know if this has been answered, but I have made a video without sound, to play inside while listening to a score. The video would appear and play at the top of the score. While the score plays with its sheet music on musescore, the video also plays but without sound, so the sound of the score accompanies the video in sync. Is this yet possible? If so, are there instructions on how to do so?

I don't want to simply upload a video with the score to, then send it to to play. I want the viewer to be able to see BOTH the sheet music notes playing while the video is playing in sync at the top of the sheet music.

Thanks as always



This forum doesn't handle .com issues, see for a brief on why.

That being said; how about exporting the sound from MuseScore and place that on your video? Then have the video sync with .com. It'll play the video sound, but as that'll be the sound you exported from MuseScore...

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If there is a forum for, what is its web address? I didn't know.

I made and timed the video I made using the song I wrote and adapted to What I want to do is import the video back to without sound, so it plays silently at the top of the musescore page, while my song also plays and its sheet music scrolls, thereby accompanying the video.

Can that be done?

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