Vertical alignment inconsistencies with the sticking feature

• Aug 8, 2022 - 21:17

I frequently come across this issue while writing drumline parts. I have been told that this can be caused by stems, articulations, or other markings being too far below the staff, but in the linked examples you can see the only things below the staff are Dynamic markings and the sticking itself. The issue is most egregious when using MDL Snarline A which replaces the usual staff with a single line. But also happens with the normal MDL Snareline, granted to a much less noticeable degree with the lower case L being barely offset. I have sometimes experienced a much larger offset with the normal MDL Snareline, but haven't been able to replicate the issue consistently, unlike the two examples mentioned earlier which happen every time you use the Sticking feature. I'd appreciate any help I can get with this issue, whether it be an issue with the software or something I'm doing wrong. Thank you!

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Hard to say from just a picture, but if you attach the score, we can understand and assist better.

As it is, my guess for the first is you've set the vertical alignment of your sticking to be "top" when it should be "baseline". My guess for the second is that you are using the default offset, which is simply not well chosen - automatic placement is causing MsueScore to push the "l" further down to avoid the "collision" with the staff itself (a "collision" in this context is defined as, anything that comes within half a staff space).

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I attached a link to the score below. For the first issue I checked and I do believe I am set to baseline for all the sticking, so I don't think that was the issue. Also whatever the issue is caused by I'm pretty sure it is the default option because I have experienced it across multiple different devices, I don't think it's from any setting I have changed. For the second issue with the "l" however, you were correct it is because of the automatic placement. Is there any way to make it so this isn't the default? Thanks for the help!

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Yes, this is as I thought - the default values for the vertical position simply are not sufficient to prevent autoplace from needing to move some of the sticking. Placing the baseline of a sticking only 2 sp below the staff only works if there is nothing below the staff and if the letter in question is not too tall. In the font you are using, your "l" is taller than in the default font, so it always gets pushed down because 2 sp isn't enough. But also, on the top staff, the notes are extending below the staff, which also means 2 sp isn't enough.

To fix. simply change the default - use the Inspector to alter the position of one, then hit the set as style button ("S" icon). A value of 3 sp seems sufficient for this score. If there weren't notes extending below the staff, 2.5 would be enough.

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