Won't play back properly, as if there is an invisible start

• Aug 7, 2022 - 21:09

I just started sketching something. I cut what I had and pasted it in at double the value with cmd-shift-Q. Then when I hit play, it started playing with just the last chord in bars that I hadn't written anything, then it played from the last bar with that chord and finally nothing. It is as if it played the one chord from where ever I hit stop until it finished all the bars. I tried undoing and creating a new document and pasting the four bars in, but it does the same thing.
I would just like to know how I did this and how to fix it.
Thanks in advance

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I can't reproduce the problem when playing the score which you posted.

But perhaps that is because by habit I always click to select the required starting note before I press the Play button (or the spacebar)?

I find no direct indications of playback instructions in the attached file that would explain the behavior you've witnessed. Nor do I experience any issues with it here.

Try relaunching MuseScore.

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