Custom Undo shortcut quirk

• Aug 7, 2022 - 09:26

Although 3.6 isn't being updated, I still find this strange - so figured I'd post:

If I try to add an additional sequence (default shortcut + user added shortcut) for the [undo] command in shortcut preferences, the added shortcut doesn't seem to work. (For example, Shift-Z "added" )

However, if I "replace" the default shortcut (e.g. Shift-Z), the new custom shortcut works, but then the default Ctrl-Z doesn't of course. This is kind of strange, as it doesn't seem to occur with other shortcut situations. It's desired to have the default Ctrl-Z, but then also have an additional shortcut depending on current hand placement while performing tasks, and so the purpose for the custom shortcut as it is is defeated.

I wonder if anyone else can replicate this (This is on Windows 10 - I'm not sure Linux would have this problem, haven't tested recently)...


So far I can't reproduce (also Win10, 3.6.2).

All I note is that for the first Shift+Z to take effect I had to restart MuseScore. But so far, both Ctrl+Z and Shift+Z seem to function as intended.

Note that the undo shortcut seems to take precedence over text input, so you I can't type in a 'Z' into lyrics (for example) without the use of Caps/Shift Lock now...

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