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• Aug 7, 2022 - 07:11

Assume there is a staff with two voices, one and two. Is there a way to select all the notes of a single voice for copying, pasting, etc., without affecting the other voice?


The Select / More method works for some kind of operations (eg, deleting, changing properties via Inspector), but because it creates a "list" instead of "range" selection, it won't work for copy/paste. Instead, use View / Selection Filter to exclude a given voice from the selection. Also look at Tools / Explode if the goal is to simply convert two voices on one staff into one voice on two staves.

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You are correct, Select / More does not work for copy/paste even though the Handbook in the link Sammik supplied suggests it should.
View / Selection Filter worked brilliantly for voice 1 (granted, it didn't copy over lines and barlines, but maybe a future version will). I was able to paste it to another sheet. However, doing the same for voice 2 did NOT work. Keeping only voice 2 and selecting all did not highlight voice 2 as it had done with voice 1. In pasting to a separate sheet, voice 1 was again pasted. Do I need to somehow empty the clipboard for it to work? Am I missing some step?
I've attached the file I've been working from.

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Gary Owen's Jig Harmony 2.mscz 18.35 KB

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"View / Selection Filter worked brilliantly for voice 1 (granted, it didn't copy over lines and barlines, but maybe a future version will)."

The Selection Filter already works over barlines, system breaks and page breaks.

"However, doing the same for voice 2 did NOT work. Keeping only voice 2 and selecting all did not highlight voice 2 as it had done with voice 1."

Not so. The Selection Filter works fine for Voice 2 as well as Voice 1, and always has done. But be aware that "Voice 1" or "Voice 2" alone in the selection filter only selects the notes for that Voice - and not any lyrics, dynamics or staff text. Here is a screenshot of a Voice 2 selection over two pages:
Selection Filter - Voice 2.png

Perhaps the Handbook pages on Selection modes might help you here?

There is a section headed 2. Shift selection which is really informative:

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If You want to Copy-Paste Voice 2, you need to paste it into Voice 2.
(So You need to create rest in voice2 first)

But I would prefer to use Tools - Voices - Exchange Voice 1 - 2 in original score, so voice 2 will became voice 1 and You can work with it.

Or (as Mar suggested) use Tools - Expolode. But You need to create new empty staff first. (press "i" and add new instrument)

I attached result

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Gary Owen's Jig Harmony 2 EXPLODED.mscz 23.12 KB

I realize I was somewhat unclear by what I said. When I stated "not copying barlines and lines" I meant not copying repeats and 1st and 2nd endings (which are located in the barlines and lines category).

Selecting ONLY voice 2 in the filter still DOES NOT WORK for me in that file I attached. HOWEVER, by selecting voice 1 and 2, doing a select all, then unchecking voice 1 DID what I expected to see when I selected voice 2 by itself.

Exploding also worked for me. It took me a while to figure out how to do it, since I had never used that function.

So thank you, everyone. I now have two ways of copying and pasting individual voices and putting them on a separate sheet. I still need to add the repeats (barlines) and endings (lines) manually, but that's the least of my worries.


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I’m guessing you neglected to hit Ctrl+C after making your filter choice. The filter
doesn’t operate on what is already copied to
the clipboard - it operates on the selection before copying the clipboard. So, first set up the filter, then Ctrl+C. If there is anything in voice 2 when you do this, it definitely gets copied.

Or, maybe you are thinking the voice 2 button in the filter will move the contents of voice 1 into voice 2, but that’s not what it does at all. It simply controls whether or not the contents of voice 2 n your selection get copied to the clipboard upon pressing Ctrl+C. If you see those notes highlighted in green when you hit Ctrl+C, east assured, that worked.

If you continue to have trouble, please give your precise steps - tell us which measures you are selecting, what you filter looks like at the moment at you hit Ctrl+C, where you are pasting the results, and what happens instead of what should happen (voice 2 from the source measures copied to voice 2 of the destination).

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Actually, I remembered to hit Ctrl-C. I understand "select all" doesn't affect what's in the clipboard (nor should it.)

What I observed is that if I filter on voice 1, then do a select all, all the notes of voice 1 turn blue. That tells me they are now in the clipboard. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to another location works as expected.

Unfiltering voice 1, then filtering on voice 2, then doing a select all, does nothing. I would expect all the notes of voice 2 to turn green, showing that they've been selected. They remain black. Obviously, the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V doesn't work, only only the voice 1 previously in the clipboard gets pasted.

Filtering on voice 1 and voice 2, then doing a select all, the notes in voice 1 turn blue, the notes in voice 2 turn green. I would expect that. Then unfiltering voice 1, the voice 1 notes turn black, the voice 2 notes remain green. This works fine. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to another location placed voice 2 in that location.

When I filter on only voice 2, and do a select all, I would have expected voice 2 to turn green, while voice 1 stays black. This did not happen. This may be a glitch. It may be because my computer is over five years old. It may be because I brought the file over from Musescore 2 and something got lost in the conversion. I don't really know. The important thing is I now have two work-arounds to do what I need.

Again, thanks to everyone.


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I think I know why you are having - it's due to a quirk in how the selection process works when doing things in the order you just described, which is the opposite of what I'd have recommended.

If I load the file you attached towards the beginning of the thread, and do exactly this:

1) Ctrl+A to select all
2) View / Selection Filter
3) uncheck voices 1, 3, 4

I am left with exactly what I expect: voice 2 is selected, as evidenced by the fact that the notes are green:

Screenshot 2022-08-08 9.51.43 PM.png

I think maybe what went wrong is you tried doing this in the opposite order - Ctrl+A after unchecking voices 1, 3, and 4. That won't work indeed, not for any particularly good reason. The not-good reason is that the very first (pickup) measure doesn't have anything at all in voice 2 to select, so the process kind of aborts. But if you do the selection first, then filter, it works.

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However, it does not work as one would expect.
If I first create a second stave as a target for the copied voice two, then do your proposal 1) ... 3) and then I'm not able to select a measure of this second stave to paste voice two into it.
First I need to switch back to 'All' in the selection filter to be allowed to select the target and paste. You don't expect that way.
I believe the reason is that voice 1 is still deselected and the newly created second stave is per default voice 1. A measure itself cannot be selected without the notes or rests in it. On the other hand, a single note or rest can be selected ...
Nevertheless, it would be nice to be able to select a measure to use it as paste target independently of the selection filter settings.

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Yes, it is a quirk but only if there is no second voice in measure 1!
You can do:
- Add an rest for the second voice in the first bar and then use the selection filter to disable voice 1. Then Ctrl-A works as expected.
- Disable voice1 in selection filter, select measure 2 then press shift and click on the last measure (or begin at the last measure and shift click on the very first). In both cases voice 2 is selected as expected.

There is a problem (minor SW bug) when the first measure does only contain voices which are disabled in the selection filter. Then Ctrl-A does apparently not find a starting point for the selection.

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