"cannot read file"

• Aug 7, 2022 - 01:02

Hi, I saved this file and restarted my PC but when I tried to open it again in Musescore it says that it can't be read, and there's no backup files for whatever reason. It's a project that was "saved as" a new file from another project, that original project is still fine and has the standard backup files. But this file that I saved as a new one with a new file name doesn't seem to have been saving properly for whatever reason. Just wondering if there's anything salvageable from it.

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Unfortuntely I don't think there is anything that can be done to repair that file, but perhaps someone else with more recovery expertise can find a way.

Backup files are created when you first save a file after opening it. If you did all the editing work in a single session, there would indeed be no backup. But also note, for the past couple of years, backups have defaulted to being stored in a (hidden) subfolder rather than alongside the main files, so be sure to check there if you haven't already.

But also, when you mention "PC", if you mean WIndows specifically, then unelss you went out of your way to disable OneDrive when you set it up, most the previous saved version (and others too) are preserved for you there. OneDrive is a lifesaver, so hopefully you didn't disable it.

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