Hairpins and crescendos to next line

• Aug 6, 2022 - 18:48

It would be nice when placing hairpins, to be able to drag the end of the hairpin onto the next line of music. This seems impossible. Am I doing something wrong?


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Sure, in this particular score, because they were't entered over the correct range to begin with. I just mean, for the next score you create, it's easier to just add them to the correct range in the first place, rather than first add to the incorrect range then correct it later.

On further examination, the instruction in the handbook to use the right or left arrow to finely adjust the end position of a hairpin doesn't always work. I am looking at an instance where the hairpin runs to a dynamic at the start of the next bar. (See attached , tenor line)
On initial placement, the hairpin runs right up to the dynamic in question.
That is actually incorrect to many people's way of thinking - it should finish just before the bar line. But that's another matter....<-i>
So to move it, I try the left arrow. Which does nothing. So I'm forced to use CTRL+SHIFT+Left, which moves it a long way back, then slowly move it right using the right arrow. This cannot be good, surely?

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The rule MuseScore follow is from Gould, and it says to extend the hairpin to the dynamic on the first note of the next measure if it is far from the barline. Normally it wouldn't be, but in this case, the accidentals and lyrics are moving the note further to the right than usual, and the dynamic moves with it. And it's true that in these special cases, the normal ways of adjusting the hairpin length don't work. That's a bug.

But it is correct to extend the dynamic like MuseScore is doing, if the note is sufficient far from the barline. If, subjectively speaking, you feel this rule of notation shouldn't have triggered as the note and its dynamic is not that far from the barline, one solution would be to just move the dynamic closer to the barline. You could optionally move the note too. Or, you could disable the automatic aligning of the hairping and dynamic by turning off autoplace for either the hairpin or the dynamic. Then you can manually adjust the endpoint more freely, thus working around the bug.

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