Programing Action Keys

• Aug 6, 2022 - 16:12

Is it possible to have action keys, keys or key combinations that will do a preset sequence of events.

ie I'm transposing about 400 pieces for English horn, French horn. If I could just select an area, then press a button to go a perfect 5th up and then octave down,..... that would save me many many clicks and much time.

Thanks, I'm talking about like the action keys one can build in Potoshop.



It's not really clear what you are trying to do. Muse score handles transpositions automatically if you have selected the correct instrument, see… and…, or if not then there is the transpose tool, see

If you come back and attach a sample score and describe in more detail what you are trying to do, someone can probably suggest an efficient process.

There are definitely third party programs out there that let you build macros like this. Also, one can create plugins in MuseScore, and there is even a plugin that allows to create macros - see That last one should allow you do pretty much exactly what you describe.

But also, it could be there is a better solution still. If you're transposing for horn, you shouldn't physically transpose the notes, you should really just change the transposition of the staff (in staff/part properties). Or change the instrument itself. Then MuseScore transposes for you automatically, and even allows you to toggle back and forth via the Concert Pitch button. This isn't necessarily fewer clicks than literally transposing the notes, but it's the better way logically, and might also be automatable.

If you attach a sample score and describe the goal in more detail, we may be able to suggest more efficient methods.

Oh, you all are correct, I've always just used the literal transposition, but will play with the transposition to a particular instrument, and try out the plug in. Thanks much for responding!!

I'm a Photoshop person, used to changing everything, setting up a macro and then slashing through resizing as many as a thousand images at a time, tis why I was asking about a macro one button push. :-)

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