2nd and nth time bars

• Aug 6, 2022 - 06:58

When listening to playback is there a way to make the player treat the starting point as the 2nd or 3rd - or indeed nth - time in a repeated section?

This would be useful for checking the 2nd (or nth) time bar at the end of a repeat without having to go through the whole cycle of repeats.


I need that myself sometimes.
I haven't found anything better than putting the cursor just before the first repeat.
I'd like to have that feature as well.

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Another "solution" - but it doesn't work - is to use Unroll repeats from the Tools menu. Well - actually it does work - but it's not reversible, so the best bet is probably to copy the original score to another file, then do the Unroll - do any testing there, and then make the changes back in the original.

Having just tested this I've now got to unravel the new problem I found!

Putting the cursor before the first repeat - does work - in the sense that it'll play the 2nd (or nth) time bar, but the cursor has to be right by the repeat mark - otherwise it'll rewind. However that doesn't help if one wants to test the few bars before leading to the 2nd time repeat bar - which might be the end of the piece.

If you just want to heart the second ending, obviously you can start playback there, but if the goal is to hear the jump into it, that won't work. You could temporarily put that content in the first ending if you just want to hear the transition. Or if you just want to check the overall roadmap, crank the tempo way up.

But yeah, a way to control this better during playback would be nice.

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This feature has been suggested many times, for example here #309768: Request: start playing in the second or third round of a repeat. I would find it very useful, as it is the transition using the second time bar that I often want to check. If I am experimenting with the transition I sometimes resort to creating a new score including only the second time section and a few bars either side to give appropriate context.

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Interesting about unroll creating a new score. You are right - it is the few bars before and after the double bar - the transition - which would be good to check out. I suppose another approach would be to extend the first time and second time "bars" by duplicating some of the bars before the one[s] which is/are different. but that seems unncecessary and perhaps undesirable from the engraving and the players' points of view.

Also some people might want to check out what happens after that as well with the different repeat transitions.

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