Can't add Linked Tablature Staff for Violin score

• Jul 29, 2022 - 19:50

Hello all,

With the attached score, which I downloaded from

I'm unable to add a Linked Staff with tablature. The only Staff types I'm able to add are Standard, Custom Standard, Custom Percussion, and Custom Tablature.

I've been able to add tablatures to other scores, I'm not able to identify what's different with this one and how to fix it. I'm noticing I'm not able to edit the number of strings in this score, unlike in others that work, so I figure it's something with the Instrument?

Do you know how to fix this?

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Merry_Go_Round_of_Life_First_Violin.mscz 36.39 KB


I'm adding also an example of a score with tablature. This is also a violin piece, and I added the tablature myself via the usual commands documented in musescore documentation (ie: Adding a linked staff with the desired tablature format)

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Bink's_Sake.mscz 29.76 KB

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Looks like this file was hacked up a bit, I notice the instrument names show odd formatting in Staff/Part Properties. So I'm thinking that most likely, you or someone else edited the MSCX file within the MSCZ archive by hand to change a mandolin or other instrument into a violin, or some similar sort of surgery, and along the way messed up the formatting.

Anyhow, starting with an instrument that does support tab then changing its name normally within MsueScore would be the better way to do this, it seems to me.

Tablature is not supported for (bowed) stings instruments, they don't have the necessary string data, number is strings, tuning and number of frets

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