How Do I Get the MuseScore 2 Look in MuseScore 3?

• Jul 27, 2022 - 01:27

I don’t really like how the score looks in MuseScore 3, so I’m wondering if there’s a way that I can get the old MuseScore 2 look back without downgrading to an older version of MuseScore. Hopefully I can better explain what I mean with the image attached.

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But note that you don't have to downgrade. You can have both version 2 and version 3 installed at he same time. They don't interfere with each other. You can then get the exact version 2 look by opening version 2 scores with version 2, but use version 3 for newer scores and benefit from all the bug fixes and improvements while you wait for the further bug fixes and improvements coming in version 4.

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