how to begin RN figures with three horizontal lines (for connecting cadential 6/4 resolutions)?

• Jul 26, 2022 - 16:07

see attached for the example I'm being asked to reproduce, specifically the bottom system.

I want to be able to do the 753 with the connecting lines beforehand.

If I type - first, I can get one connecting line (which would work if it were just -7); if I type =, I can get two (which would work if it were just 53); I can't figure out a way to get a line on all three figures 753.

Sorry for the sloppy wording; I'm tired today.


Not to worry about the wording; I pretty much knew what you meant just from the title :-). Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate this case when designing the font - and it's the font that actually handles all this, not MuseScore itself. In principle it would be possible to edit the substitution rules for the font to make that happen, but I've managed to forget most of what I learn about how this all works. I made the font open source - see Maybe someone would like to help?

Meanwhile, a pretty crude workaround would be to enter I864-753, then paste an opaque white graphic over the first part.

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Nice job finding that. Actually, I thought of that too and played with it a minute before recommending the graphic solution, because it seemed that it would be difficult to get them sized exactly right, and then positioning it perfectly would be about as much work as positioning the graphic. But it's probably six of one, half dozen of the other really.

MuseScore 4 will allow you to size individual characters within RNA - this isn't possible in MuseScore 3 because the text toolbar is disabled for chord symbols, which RNA is based on. So perhaps this will simplify the process.
Unfortunately RNA isn't working at all right now in MU4 builds.

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