The Lambs' March - John Philip Sousa (My First Upload)

• Jul 25, 2022 - 18:41

Kind of nerve-wracking sharing one of my transcriptions/arrangements for the first time, but exciting too.
This piece in particular is also special. It was one of the pieces played by my old high school's wind ensemble at this year's spring concert, where I watched my underclassman have the final performance of their high school career.
Apart from that, let me know what you think as well if there's anything I need to correct.


And helpful, as I want (one day, next year?) to transfer my 4 or 5 wind band scores to MuseScore; will be a lot of work ...

  • One small critique: The last two or three pages should have the number of measures evened out.

  • Another one, more a question: You don't use cautionary accidentals. I would use them where the "same" note is played in a following measure, when there was an accidental in the previous one. Examples are Flute 1 and Oboe in m.48; Trumpet 1 in m.33; French Horn 2 in m.64 ... and a few dozen more places.

Edit: Just listening to (and viewing) it one more time ... two more "tinies":

  • m.112, Trumpet 1 vs. 2+3: g-flat in the former, f-sharps in the latter. Of course, "why not" ;-). But the f-sharps yield another of these "cautionary accidental might be helpful" cases for the f in the following measure.

  • stemside slurs - Alto Cl. m.50 & m.66: I don't like think they shouldn't be as "deep" as MS does them by default - see e.g. the examples "Behind Bars", p.111. I have attached two images - 1 is current, 2 is what I would do.

Harald M.

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