playback repeats only that measure

• Jul 25, 2022 - 16:00

m.18 has a repeat sign to revert back to beginning but in playback, it only repeats that measure ? (attached)

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I Will If-Bonnie Dundee.mscz 21.89 KB


The repeat from 18 back to 10 works fine for me. However, you have an end repeat at the end of measure 27, but no corresponding start repeat. I guess it should go at the start of measure 20. That missing start repeat means that the end repeat gets ignored and playback skips measure 27 and always plays the second time volta in measure 28.

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But you still have mismatched start and end repeats. That maybe what upset MuseScore2; it may be trying to find that missing start repeat after "seeing" the closing repeat in measure 18. I seem to recall that the way repeats are handled internally was changed for MuseScore 3 and so the missing start repeat causes a different, incorrect (but possibly less weird) behaviour.

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