MuseScore crashes while importing MusicXML file that was exported by Score Perfect 6

• Sep 15, 2014 - 18:18


today I tried MuseScore and I wonder if I can import MusicXML (version 1.1) created by ScorePerfect 6. Unfortunately, MuseScore crashes if I try to import such a file in most times. First I tried version 1.3, but also the newest nightly build version crashes. The XML parser of the nightly build version remarks some errors, but if I correct the XML code by hand (I know what I do, I am a devoloper too) MuseCore nightly build crashes in the same way.

I run the software under Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit.

I attached a very simple example XML file that kills the importer.

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Of course, MuseScore shouldn't crash but the MusicXML is weird.
First, the encoding date is not standard but that's not the cause of the crash.
Second, it's a SATB score but for each staff there are two clefs. The first staff has two G clef. The second one a G clef and a G 8vb clef etc... This causes the crash.

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Thank you for testing and your answer. I suspected that the XML is weird, and I will try to ask the authors of SPP for fixing. Unfortunately the founder and main programmer is dead since 2012 :-(
Nonetheless it helps you maybe to find where you have to catch the error to beware MuseScore for killing itself.

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