Access to was denied

• Jul 16, 2022 - 01:41

Hi Folks,
I know is a separate site with its own support community. I've been developing a site with embedded scores locally on my computer. After testing the embedded player, I can no longer access to get support! I get a blank screen with a "Access to was denied" error. I've cleared my cache, tried different browsers, no change. I am not using a VPN. Perhaps their server thinks my private dyanmic IP is a spam bot? Anyway, I can't even access their support. Any suggestions? I never had that happen before where I've been blacklisted from a whole site? I'll try again in a couple of hours. I am unable to manually change my IP address. It's assigned by my internet provider, Shaw.

EDIT: I was to use a Proton's free vpn service to access the to contact support directly. Hopefully, they can do something on their end.


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