Why are staves / notes / lyrics so tiny?

• Jul 6, 2022 - 15:23

This score (also here: https://musescore.com/user/1471431/scores/7120680) is created by a pro, but the settings make the staves tiny, and I can't see how to make them more normal.

I have tried setting the staff scaling - but It's already at 150%! Equally, 'Reset To Default' - even resetting everything to default - leaves the score unchanged...

Ideas? How do I get this back to a more reasonable (i.e., legible) size?

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The_seal_lullaby__Eric_Whitacre.mscz 35.23 KB


  1. Restore all those single stave scalings back to 100% to not create some weird scaling alignment issues (only use this Staff setting to give one staff a different scale from the others in the score, not to scale the entire score).

  2. Format > Page Settings...

* Restore the default sp value of 1.75 instead of this very small 0.5 that's in there now
* Restore margins to the default of 15mm

This should give you a decent starting position

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