Score supposedly uploaded but not searchable

• Jul 5, 2022 - 01:36

I used the Save Online feature from MuseScore 3.6.2 and everything appeared to work correctly and I even got a confirmation email with the following link where it was uploaded.…

However when I tried to look for it, it didn't appear to be on the repository. See the first image attached.

It's not even under "My Scores" and when I try to upload some, I'm denied access. See graphic in the 2nd attached image

Any ideas? Thanks

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The reason that I posted this here is because I got an email from the support staff asking me to do so:

6:18 PM (2 hours ago)
to me

Thank you for reaching out to us. We provide support via the Musescore forums at

So please repost your message in there and our developers will help you out with your question. Looking forward to see you in our forums!
Musescore support team

Basically instead of an actual answer to my question, all I keep getting are these pointless runarounds.

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Looks like .com needs to train their staff again.
Nobody here on the .org forums has any power to fix stuff on their online platform.

As soon as you press that Save online option, everything after (shown in the window etc) is a page on their server..

And please stop creating new topics about this; it is hard enough to keep information in a concise flow as it is.

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