Quarter break in text to small

• Jul 3, 2022 - 18:35

Edwin is a good font, but if I use a break in a text, then it occurs to small. Here is a test composition with a quarter break in a verse.

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Can't say that I've ever seen a rest notated in lyrics. Quarter_break__.png

Line two, "here" is held for one beat. Line three, "please" is held for two beats.

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Interesting. Is this a European thing? I don't remember ever seeing this in music published in the US. Though it's been a year or two since I sang in a choir. Not sure I like it (though no one should care about what I like). Looks out of place. And inconsistent.

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Of course just because I don't remember seeing it doesn't mean anything. I can say that I have seen things like measure 10 notated a minimum of two different ways. None of which involve a rest symbol in the lyric.

Not important here, but I was distracted by the rhythmic inaccuracies and missed melodic opportunities of this arrangement.

Hmm, I'm not understanding the request here. What is a "quarter break"? If you mean the space between verses, that's not related to the font specifically; it's controlled by the line height setting in Format / Style / Lyrics. The default of 100% is to space verse the same as ordinary text lines would be - the same way multiple lines would look within a paragraph within a frame, for instance. And that spacing seems normal to me. If you prefer your lyrics verses to be spaced more widely than ordinary line spacing within paragrpahs, just increase the lyrics line height setting.

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Oh, I see. Music fonts are designed to appear "normal size" at 20 pt. I think that's a pretty universal standard and probably required by SMuFL. Not sure if there is some sort of special allowance for symbols that might normally be incorporated within ordinary text, but I could imagine that being pretty tricky to design in a way that allowed the symbol to also work more normally.

EDIT: I also think they are designed to position correctly musically, so a quarter rest has the same vertical offset that would be required to position it correctly on a staff, with the text baseline set to the bottom of the staff. Try it - add a five-line staff segment from the Special Characters palette, then add a quarter rest, at 20 pt. You get perfectly sized and aligned music.

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I'm not so sure. I think of the point of musical text fonts as primarily being about allowing to create "fake" music notation within a word processor. Not about having random musical characters interspersed with ordinary text. I can't say I completely understand the advice here - https://w3c.github.io/smufl/latest/specification/scoring-vs-text-applic… - but i seems to me it's still consistent with the idea that text fonts should still still strive for this type of sizing and positioning, with adjustments made as necessary to line spacing only. In any case, since Bravura Text behaves this way, I have to assume it's deliberate.

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