I have a bit of a problem with the noise of my score.

• Jun 28, 2022 - 01:47

When I'm playing some big tunes,
the sound is often noisy, or even delayed, like this.


Thanks in advance and the person who got back to me



sounds like your system/soundcard is incapable to digest so many notes and/or soundfonts loaded in memory.
try a simple but lengthy tune and less soundfonts.
regards bottrop

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It's better, but it will still get stuck (the sound fonts I'm using now are all 88 samples, I don't know if this is the reason, but I use the 4.0 nightly external sforzando to run 1760 (88 keys * 5 velocity layers * 4 sound) The same is not true for sound fonts of 100 samples).

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i used Sforzando a while ago in my DAW (an ancient Cakewalk version) and it was not capable of playing a symphonic MIDIproject (Mahler, lot of notes) of 42 tracks. i think that SFZapp is claiming a lot of processor power and memory for itself and that ridiculous encrypting and decrypting to and from Aria files. i use Coolsoft VirtualMidiSynth on this pc and it works as good as the Soundblaster Audigy in my 2nd pc. dont know if Musescore can work with that app.

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