Piano keyboard dosen't work

• Jun 27, 2022 - 11:36

Hello, I'm using MuseScore 4.0.0 Alpha. When I am trying to toggle the Piano keyboard (just press P like MuseScore 2 and 3), it doesn't pop up in MU4. Do you know why?


My guess is that it is because you are looking at a very preliminary alpha version that has many features not yet implemented or not yet fully implemented or which are broken. As I understand it, that version was intended only to provide a preview of the "look and feel". Features are still being added and broken bits fixed. The current state if development can be investigated by downloading and running the latest nightly version from here https://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/musescore-nightlies/ but this is still not even a beta version and should only be used for testing purposes and at the user's risk. There is certainly no guarantee that a score you edit with any nightly version will be usable anywhere else.

You can also see the work in progress on github here

I am waiting patiently like all of us for the beta release which should be much more representative of the full working version.

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