How to reverse the internal flag/beam direction within a beamed group?

• Jun 25, 2022 - 21:22

Hi all, I'm trying to change the direction of a sixteenth note beam within a 5/16th note group. It should beam to the left, to suggest 3+2, rather than how musescore does it automatically (which it seems to choose arbitrarily?). Is there a way to change this?

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That beam direction doesn't look arbitrarily to me.
The first 1/16th shown is the first half of the 1/8th it's splitting, thus its beam is to the right (towards its "second half"). Whereas the 2nd 1/16th shown occupies the second half of the 1/8th it's splitting; this its beam is to the left (toward its "first half).

Not sure if this can be overridden.

Just out of curiosity, what is the (nominal) time signature of the measure: 5/8, or 10/16 (i.e. 2x5/16)? Would Musescore handle the beaming differently were it changed? And yes, I agree: the first group just looks wrong.

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I stand corrected--in my first essay, in the 10/16 measure, I set the beam properties as two sets of five notes. In this new file, the time signature of the last file has beam properties of 3+ 2+3+2--that seemed to work in getting the beamlets facing thedesired direction, although I still had to manually force a beam break between the third and fourth notes.

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