Margin issue in MuseScore 2.0 beta1

• Sep 14, 2014 - 20:11
Graphical (UI)

By creating a new score in a clean installation of 2.0 beta1 I get this custom layout:

Screenshot - 09142014 - 03:00:06 PM.png

0mm margin in the right cuts the score.

I's running in a Debian sytem.

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I think it's supposed to be taking your default page size from your system default printer settings. Are those similarly unusual?

BTW, you say it's a clean install, but did you run mscore -F to be sure to clear out old preferences?

I didn't know that -f parameter, but I've removed .config/MuseScore directory.

But yes, you're right, it's my printer settings. Now I've fixed it in CUPS and got a proper layout as default. Sorry for the noise. Let me know if there's another channel where I can ping developpers before reporting here.



When in doubt, you could use the Technology Preview forum. But I'd say this is a real issue - if hopefully an uncommon one. We knew that making the default page size depend on system printer settings wouldn't be the right answer for everyone necessarily, but so far it's the best solution for setting a region-appropriate default (eg, Letter for USA, A4 for almost everyone else). And still, I'm surprised it affected margins as well as page size.

By any change you have your CUPS config before your changes?
As far as I understand, the margins are not taken from the system but set by default in the PageFormat constructor.

I don't have my previews setup, but surely the only thing I've changed was from a "legal" or "executive" (can't remember which one) to "A4" in my CUPS. Then I got the proper layout in MuseScore.

Status (old) needs info fixed

This should be solved by commit 781c5b756
Please re-open if you see it again in recent Nightly builds.