After doing it, musescore suddenly stopped working, Windows told me to close the program, and the next time I came in, nothing was archived.

• Jun 24, 2022 - 08:48
  1. I am typing
  2. I need to create a time signature or open preferences, etc.
  3. Sometimes, windows will say "musescore" has stopped working, you need to close the program
  4. The next time you open it, you will always lose something (sometimes more and sometimes less)

I am using win10
computer from about 10 years ago

I thought maybe my computer was poisoned, but I did a virus scan and nothing was wrong

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The pictures do not help much. Please attach the score (.mscz file) you are having problems with and describe exactly what you are doing when the problem occurs - e.g. select first measure in top stave, click on 3/4 time signature in pallet. Please also state which version of MuseScore you are using - you can copy and paste this information from the [Help]>[About] menu and this will also included information about the windows version.

Regarding point 4. By default MuseScore autosaves a copy of the score every 2 minutes (that is configurable). After a crash, MuseScore will offer to recover the previous session. If you accept the offer the last autosaved copy will be loaded and that will reflect the situation up to 2 minutes before the crash. So, it is not unexpected that you will lose any edits after the last autosave. You can increase the frequency of autosaves in [Edit]>[Preferences]>[General]. It is better practice with all editing software to save regularly yourself rather than rely on autosave. But when did anyone follow good practice :-)

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I don't think it's the score, because every score is like this
Currently I only have to click on the master panel, there is a problem with creating time signatures or preferences
And it doesn't necessarily happen every time. Although it has happened many times, I haven't caught any regularity.

I am using 3.6.2
4.X will not do this
windows 8

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