Will the next MuseScore version be available for Linux?

• Jun 24, 2022 - 01:32

I am terrified of the time, which is quickly approaching, when I need to buy a new laptop (or desktop) and will only be offered Microsoft Win-11 OS. After 35 years of their crap, I can no longer agree to Microsofts' ever-tightening grip on everything - 'cause things are getting much worse with Win-11. It looks like I will finally be changing my OS to Linux. Will you be there with me?

C'mon, you can certainly compile your code into a Linux/Unix usable product. You haven't COMPLETELY sold out to Microsoft, ...I hope.


MuseScore began it's life as a Linux-only program. It's pretty unlikely it will ever not support Linux, although who knows what the long-term future holds. MuseScore 4 definitely will support Linux, and the pre-release builds run fine for me.

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